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Garbo & Friends Rosy Sleep Bag

Garbo & Friends Rosy Sleep Bag

Rosy is a muted but powdery pink, with the warmth of salmon-pink, the lightness of a baby-pink and a hue just as wonderful as that of a pink colored rose.

A sleepbag is a fantastic option for crib ‒ active babies, who kick off their blanket and wake from the cold - resulting in sleepless nights for all. By no means is this a miracle, but for some parents, it just might feel like it.

The warmth of the sleepbag is perfect for a room in normal to warm temperature. If the room is very cold we recommend using a thin blanket over the sleepbag.

ONE SIZE: Suitable for Babies 0-6 months, and will fit comfortably thru 10-12 months. About 25 inches long.