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Haps NORDIC Large Bag - Ocean Check

Haps NORDIC Large Multi Bag in Check - Mustard, Rose, Sky, Ocean or Terracotta

An alternative to disposable plastic bags
The large Multibag from Haps Nordic is a nice alternative to the plastic bag. Haps Nordic would like to make it easy to opt out of the disposable plastic bags and instead store food and other things in sustainable textile bags.
Multibag is suitable both for storage in the kitchen, the children's room and the bathroom, but is also perfect for having a trip, for the lunch box and other things.

Multibag comes in two sizes, large and small and in 4 different colors and 2 prints.
The large multibag measures 30x30 cm. and can contain approx. 2 kilos of potatoes.

$12.00 $8.00