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Hazel Village Gracie Cat
Hazel Village Gracie Cat

Hazel Village Gracie Cat

Hazel Village Woodland Animals - Gracie Cat with Red Bonnet and Dress

If you ask Gracie what her favorite activity is, she will tell you: fishing. She has loved it ever since she was a kitten. She says on a good afternoon, she can catch a dozen minnows. When she has enough she takes her fish to Owen Fox’s house, and the animals have a fish fry. Although some of them eat only salad. Gracie says that is fine; more fish for her.

Gracie is about 14″ tall. She is made of organic cotton fleece, mostly gray but with natural-colored details on her face and tummy. Her ears are lined with cotton plaid. Her face is hand-stitched with cotton embroidery thread. She is stuffed with polyfill. If she gets dirty she can be hand washed in cool water and air dried. She wants to remind you she sticks her feet in the pond all the time - you shouldn’t believe what you hear about cats hating water.

Gracie Cat comes wearing a Liberty of London cotton dress with a "sweet rose" pattern. If Gracie or her clothes get dirty, you can hand wash and air dry them.