Hazel Village Juliette Rabbit in Silver Party Skirt | Wee Mondine

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Hazel Village Juliette Rabbit in Silver Party Skirt

Recently Juliette has been doing a lot of china painting. Her favorite motif that she made up is of cornflowers. Her second favorite is "pond life," which features tadpoles and waving fronds of algae.

Juliette is made of tan organic cotton fleece, except for her tail which is natural colored fleece. Her ears are lined with cotton oxford shirting. She is stuffed with polyfill. Juliette's face is embroidered with cotton embroidery floss. She measures 15" including ears.

Juliette's dress is made of white cotton, printed with our custom blue cornflower print. It closes in the back with velcro. Like all the Hazel Village animal clothes, it is removable, so the animals can share and trade.

Juliette will travel to your home in a reusable cotton bag, with a delightful lavender sachet tucked inside. She's excited at the prospect, doing a little dance of glee that would melt your heart if you could see it.