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Konges Sloejd Fabric Book Bunny

Fabric book bunny Konges Slojd

Material : 100% organic cotton
Can be hung on the bed, the baby carriage or on an arch

The bunny book from Konges Slojd illustrates a pretty story about the brand's rabbits. He can have fun grabbing the silicone lemon, the ring or touch the different shapes inside and discover different textures. Your child can have fun browsing the pages of the book with the links. The ring allows you to hang the fabric book on the bed, the baby carriage or the ark so that baby can observe the illustrations at any time. A great all-around learning object.

Konges Slojd is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and stands behind the quality, functionality and simplicity of their products. Konges Slojd has created a simple, Scandinavian, elegant and above all quality-conscious world for those who are dear to us: our children.